Online Workshops

Four 90 minute sessions PLUS Zoom showcase performance

New Groups Start January 4, 2021 - see details below to register

Similar to Dave's comedy workshops at The Improv comedy clubs, we focus on writing original comedy material and the comedy / entertainment business. AND - like our workshops - this is a group effort. We started our live online sessions in March 2020 and to be honest, they've gone better than expected. We're having a LOT of laughs AND getting a lot of work done.

And in case you missed that word "live" above, our online comedy workshop is not a webinar or podcast with one person (me?) talking and everyone else listening. These are interactive sessions where all eight members can see, hear and collaborate with each other. Dave will facilitate (I like that designation - ha!) while each workshop member creates original comedy material, participates in discussions, and works together as a team to help take your comedy or public speaking material and career to the next level.

If you've ever wondered what Dave's in-person workshops are like at The Improv Comedy Clubs or live too far away to attend - this is your opportunity. Members of our online workshops have participated from all areas of the country and (drumroll please...) as far away as Canada and Japan!


Workshops include a ZOOM showcase performance!

Here is what's happening in 2020 and beyond... Dave has stayed in touch with his comedy / speaking industry friends (for a sample list of names, check out who's who in How To Be A Working Comic and Comedy FAQs And Answers). The outlook is that online (Zoom) shows are here to stay. Even when comedy clubs are fully reopened, the possibility of performers reaching worldwide audiences is too exciting to ignore.

Plus, to really become an experienced comedian or speaker, a LIVE audience is a requirement. After all, how will you even know if your material and on stage comedy voice will work - or (groan) not work - without an audience reaction. Going online is how.

Dave's online comedy workshops will still include the valuable writing and business topics, along with coaching tips on how to do a successful Zoom showcase performance. Why is that important? Simple: you never know who might be watching. And in case you haven't heard Dave say this before, "They may call it amateur night, but no one is looking to hire an amateur.'

The online writer's groups and business discussions will continue over our usual four weeks / evenings format. Choose to join Mondays, Tuesdays (comedy) or Wednesdays (for Toastmasters members and storytellers) at 7 pm EST. The added FIFTH week will be a LIVE online showcase via Zoom with an invited LIVE audience. Dave will be the host - and you'll be the stars!

You can invite your family, friends - and even the people jealous they're not as funny or experienced as you - to grab a snack and a drink for an evening of entertainment. It'll be just like going to their favorite comedy club without having to leave home. And as I'm sure you do in real life - you'll be providing the laughs!


Thank you for watching our FREE December Zoom Showcases!

Wait... a comedy club that comes to YOU? That's right! There's no traveling, parking fees, ticket prices or two drink minimums necessary to enjoy an evening of laughter. Whether you're watching solo in a comfortable chair or with a safely distanced group of friends or family (in person or virtual), get ready to laugh with our spectacular lineup of comedians. Join us for one... two... or all three online comedy workshop showcases. Viewers are limited for each show, so preregistration is required. No Zoom license is needed - just an email to receive confirmation and a viewing link. Start time for all three showcases is 7 pm EST. Each show needs a separate registration by clicking on the logos below.

Standup Comedians, Speakers, Storytellers & Comedy Writers

And in case you missed the highlighted number above, online workshops are limited to no more than eight members. Here's how it works:

  • Each online workshop group meets once a week for four weeks.
  • Each weekly session is 90 minutes. Focus is on writing and the comedy / speaking business.
  • We use for meetings. This is a free app - so group members do not need to purchase a license.
  • Each of the workshop members will be emailed a private link to join the workshop prior to start time.
  • This is an interactive workshop - meaning members will see and hear each other to work together.
  • Workshops are a writer's group format that collaborates as a supportive creative team.
  • Opportunities to share and critique performance videos.
  • Private Facebook Group for members to share ideas & suggestions, opportunities for stage time and helpful advice.

* Note to Toastmasters members and storytellers: I've always enjoyed working with humorous speakers and understand the difference between public speaking and standup comedy. It isn't always easy to incorporate humor into your presentations - and is a skill set that goes beyond writing great speeches or stories. If you want to add humor and really get people laughing, the Wednesday evening workshops are the ones to attend. Not only will you learn humor writing techniques, but you can practice with us and get feedback from your fellow Toastmasters and storytellers.

Online Interactive Comedy Workshops via Zoom

"Thanks again for hosting the workshops! They're super helpful and I'm having fun!" - Chris D.

"Thanks for a great workshop. Really enjoyed myself! Great fun and to get the creative juices running! And a wonderful group of peers. You did a great job of creating a non-threatening, fun atmosphere. So thanks for being you!" - Joan S.

"Just wanted to send you a little note to let you know that I am really enjoying the comedy workshop. I am noticing that I am looking at EVERYTHING and thinking to myself... "Hmmm... now how can that evolve into something humorous?" Thank you for enabling me to develop this new way of thinking!" - Yvonne B. (Toastmaster)

"I enjoyed the workshop and certainly plan on signing up again. The feedback from peers was important and made me realize the importance of writing on a regular basis. Thanks and keep laughing!" - Tom G.

"I learned a lot and I enjoyed being in the creative energy. :))" - Mary Anne B. (Toastmaster)

"I enjoyed the class. It was good to meet other comedians working on their craft like me." - Tori D.

Reserve your space NOW and let's get to work!

Total cost for the online comedy workshop is $75 that includes four sessions totaling six hours.

AND a Zoom online showcase performance (that we'll call the 5th week)!!

Workshops are limited to no more than 8 members.


Starts - January 4, 2021 at 7 pm EST / also meets January 11, 18 and 25

Zoom Showcase Performance - Monday, February 1 at 7 pm EST

To register please use the PayPal link below - then see instructions about contacting Dave.


Starts - January 5 at 7 pm EST / also meets January 12, 19 and 26

Zoom Showcase Performance - Tuesday, February 2 at 7 pm EST

To register please use the PayPal link below - then see instructions about contacting Dave.


Starts - January 6 at 7 pm EST / also meets January 13, 20 and 27

Zoom Showcase Performance - Wednesday, February 3 **or 10 at 7 pm EST

  • Toastmasters & storytellers are welcome to work on a humorous speech / story or stand-up comedy.
  • Showcase date Feb 3 or 10 will be confirmed by early January based on Cleveland Improv workshop.
  • To register please use the PayPal link below - then see instructions about contacting Dave.

After Registering...

Please confirm with Dave which workshop you're joining - Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday - by sending an email to Also please include a phone number. Dave will contact you with more details.

Thanks - and keep laughing!

CILC Award Winner

CILC stand for Center For Interactive Learning and Collaboration.  Dave has been presenting online video conference comedy workshops and "Career Day" sessions about the entertainment industry for schools grades 6-12, along with communications training seminars (Humoring Your Clients) for businesses and associations through CILC for almost ten years. He is a three-time Pinnacle Award winner "for remarkable quality of educational content and exceptional skill at program delivery."

Sounds like what we're doing with this online comedy workshop - right? That's how I feel - so let's get to work!

If you have any questions or need more information about the online comedy workshop, please use the Contact link above.