Private Coaching

For comedians and speakers via Zoom or phone

Here are a few questions to answer before we continue…

* Are you serious about a career as a comedian or speaker?
* Do you need direction or motivation to pursue your goal?
* Would you like a partner to help write and edit your material?
* Are your live performances getting the desired audience response?
* Would you like a professional coach to review your video on youtube?
* Do you want to develop promotional material that will get you work?
* Do you know how to get paid bookings as a comedian or speaker?
* Do you know how to get corporate and college bookings?
* If you’re a beginner – do you want to know how to get on stage?
* If you’re experienced – are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Many successful professionals…

Whether in the performing arts, business or sports - have coaches and mentors. Did you answer "yes" to any of the above questions? If you did and would like to talk about how I can help, let's schedule a 20 minute free phone consultation. If we both decide we can work together, we'll move forward at a pace that fits your personal schedule and goals.

Shelby-Lane, MD – Detroit, MI

"Thanks for all the great help and inspiration. You're a master comedy coach. Your encouragement has been fantastic and being able to "kill" at a club or on a lecture stage is the best reward."

Aidan Park – Los Angeles, CA

"Coaching with Dave was awesome. He really has a grasp on how the comedy business works and understands what you need to do to start monetizing in the comedy world. Worth every cent and I would do it again!"

Brian Kirk – Orlando, Florida

"Dave Schwensen is a legend in the comedy business and he's a comedy genius! I've been reading his comedy books for years, and I listened to every episode of his radio show 'What's So Funny!' To actually work with him in person was a dream come true. The minute I met him, I felt like I'd known Dave for years. His advice and tips were invaluable, and I put them into practice right away. If you have the opportunity to do some coaching with him, do it now before the secret gets out and his prices go up!"

Don Cooper – Atlanta, GA

"I had the pleasure of working with Dave regarding the business aspects of comedy and I really enjoyed our weekly meetings. It was as informative to get his insights from his 30 plus years experience in the business as it was to listen to his stories about some of the biggest names in comedy. I'd highly recommend anyone taking advantage of Dave's coaching. It'll be one of the best investments you'll ever make in your comedy career."

Maria-Lourdes Aragon – Tacoma, Washington

"Dave has the business and work experience to help keep comedians fine-tuning their strengths and feeling more confident in the stand-up scene. Within one or two sessions, he got to know me quickly and was able to hone in on my talents, quirks, my story. I feel a difference in my relationship with my audience and my confidence after a few sessions. I read some of his books, but working with him one-on-one has helped me take all the suggestions into action in a way that feels like magic on-stage."

Private one-on-one coaching…

With Dave Schwensen, author of "How To Be A Working Comic: An Insider's Guide To A Career In Stand-Up Comedy," "Comedy Workshop: Creating & Writing Comedy Material for Comedians & Humorous Speakers," and "Comedy FAQs And Answers: How The Stand-Up Biz Really Works," former Talent Coordinator for the television show "A&E's An Evening at The Improv" and the Hollywood and New York City Improv comedy clubs.

As owner of DSEntertainment, Dave has experience as a talent agent in the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) and in the corporate market representing comedians, speakers, musicians and variety acts. He is also a corporate speaker and entertainment lecturer for colleges and universities.

Dan Brown – Cleveland, OH

"Dave's private coaching has been very educational and well worth it. Nothing beats being able to work with someone as experienced with stand up like Dave one on one."

Carolyn O. – New York, NY

"You are a wonderful performance coach! Thanks again - you gave me just the right encouragement when I needed it."

Lynn B. Johnson – Boston, MA

"Thank you so much for your help with my comedy flyer and your time on the phone. Your sage wisdom has been very helpful in helping me gear up my confidence."

Jerry Jaffe – Cleveland, OH

"I've done Dave's workshop and one-on-one coaching and he has really helped me improve my material while also giving me the tools, and the confidence, to be more professional in my approach to comedy."

Jeremy Muncy – Columbus, OH

"I owe a lot to your coaching and advice. You made my dream possible. Thanks so much."

Timika Young – Ewing, New Jersey

"Not only has Dave helped me as a performer, but as a writer my jokes are funnier than ever. I have grown not just as a comedian, but as an artist."

Mark Browne – Tampa, Florida

"Thanks for all of your advice. Just thought you'd like to know that I won the first round of the comedy competition 🙂 I'm on to round 2!! We did several private coaching sessions and through the name dropping, (haha), Dave really helped me organize my material and helped me get to the point where I felt comfortable on stage. Through the coaching plus taking the workshop, I went from being scared to go on stage to having a solid 5 minute set that I performed at the Cleveland Improv Showcase. I have many more performances to follow and Dave was the one who really helped get me here. Anyone thinking of doing comedy should give Dave a call."

Private coaching is by Zoom or phone

Dave is good at working around your calendar when scheduling. Most often we schedule a week in advance, but can find openings for last-minute coaching sessions to prepare for auditions, contests and important paid gigs. Use the contact form (above) or send an email to with the best day and time – for you – to start private coaching.


To schedule a FREE 20-minute phone consultation or to schedule a one hour coaching session with Dave, please the Contact link above, or send an email to Thanks and as always – keep laughing!