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They may call it amateur night - but no one is looking to hire an amateur.

How To Be A Working Comic #19

Virtual (Zoom) Audition Videos

A talent booker requested an audition video from an aspiring comedian. But with most of the comedy clubs in his area shut down, the comedian has only been working consistently through online (Zoom) shows. Would it be acceptable to submit a virtual video? If so, what are ways to look professional – and not like an amateur?

How To Be A Working Comic #18

Burning Bridges

Let’s give this episode a subtitle: “Don’t Be A Diva!” There’s a lot of club etiquette involved in getting return bookings. If you’re a pain in the you-know-what, pulling strings or having powerful connections may not be enough to overcome the bridges you’ve burned in the past. The best advice? Follow our subtitle.

How To Be A Working Comic #17

Video Editing: Hiding Something?

Another email has arrived and this one is about video submissions. You’ve edited your promotional video into short 2 and 3 minute segments and posted on your website. But now a talent booker wants you to send him a longer clip. Would it be okay to edit the website clips together even if they are from different shows? And what about editing – in general – for promotional videos?

How To Be A Working Comic #16

The Gig Detective

An email arrived from a comedian asking how to locate talent bookers. He was ready to start sending out submissions for showcases and paid gigs. After making a case for the process being easier in the “old days” (did I really say that?) and missing an industry guide that provided all the necessary career building information, the answer included playing detective and an “old fashioned” way of making contact.

How To Be A Working Comic #15

Audition Referrals (Your Golden Ticket)

There are ways to be “seen” by comedy club talent bookers. You could do blind emailing / snail mail, stand in long lines outside comedy clubs and hope you pull a lottery number to audition – OR you could score a Golden Ticket. How to avoid the email delete button or long audition line.

How To Be A Working Comic #14


It’s another field trip! When we talk about getting a Mickey Mouse outfit, we don’t mean a hat with big ears. This episode is about turning your online marketing efforts away from too many distractions and focusing on getting hired. It’s all about branding and we’re using the biggest mouse in the world for inspiration.

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