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They may call it amateur night - but no one is looking to hire an amateur.

How To Be A Working Comic #35

Comedians – Don’t Promise What You Can’t Deliver

A talent booker calls and offers you a gig. It’s a good one, but you’re not quite ready to do the amount of time required on stage. 1 – Should you accept and hope you’re up for the challenge, or… 2 – Turn it down and fear they’ll never call again. In addition to this episode offering a (fake!) map to find a million dollars in cash, we cover the options.

How To Be A Working Comic #34

Showcase Motivation

We go behind the scenes to look at reasons why talent bookers, agents and managers, and comedy clubs schedule showcases. The process is an important part of the business when it comes to finding new comedians and booking gigs – while also enhancing a club’s reputation. This episode is divided into three parts divided by “soothing musical interludes.” Yeah, okay Harpo…

How To Be A Working Comic #33

Showcasing Tips

A comedian sent in an email about an important showcase (audition) coming up and asked for any helpful tips. There are two that all comics should be aware of. The first comes from a respected industry insider, while the second is based on comments from working comics and firsthand “in-the-clubs” experience running showcases.

How To Be A Working Comic #32

New Material and a Showcase Set

Some of the best advice from working comics is to write, write and write some more. As an artist, you never want to stop being creative and presenting new material on stage. However, having an audience-tested showcase set “in your back pocket” ready to go at a moment’s notice should also be a priority. This video is about being a creative artist, but ready to take care of business at the same time.

How To Be A Working Comic #31

Road Gigs: Beware, Rough Waters

Life on the road is part of the job. Some know how to use it, and others how to abuse it. Talent bookers, club owners and management expect you to deliver the performances they’re paying for and won’t have a lot of patience if you don’t take your career seriously. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and take advantage of what different cities have to offer. Another travelogue episode!

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