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They may call it amateur night - but no one is looking to hire an amateur.

How To Be A Working Comic #15

Audition Referrals (Your Golden Ticket)

There are ways to be “seen” by comedy club talent bookers. You could do blind emailing / snail mail, stand in long lines outside comedy clubs and hope you pull a lottery number to audition – OR you could score a Golden Ticket. How to avoid the email delete button or long audition line.

How To Be A Working Comic #14


It’s another field trip! When we talk about getting a Mickey Mouse outfit, we don’t mean a hat with big ears. This episode is about turning your online marketing efforts away from too many distractions and focusing on getting hired. It’s all about branding and we’re using the biggest mouse in the world for inspiration.

How To Be A Working Comic #13

On Stage Energy

Wait a minute… That’s not Dave! Bringing energy to your performances helps you connect with an audience. Eye contact and personality sets you apart from the crowd and gives you a better chance at being remembered. Why is that good? Because you never know who might be watching and could play a role in helping you become a “working comic.” There’s a special guest for this episode with an energetic stage resume that includes starring roles in “Miss Saigon,” “Mama Mia,” “Footloose” and others – and his dad is the author of “How To Be A Working Comic.”

How To Be A Working Comic #12

Put Me In Coach!

Taking the first step to becoming a standup comedian or moving your career up to the next level can be overwhelming and even a bit frightening. Especially if you’re doing it alone. But there are coaches and workshops that can help you get moving in a positive direction. And when you think about it, there is no one in this crazy business that can say they ignored any advice given to them and found success “all on their own.” They didn’t (and we all know it).

How To Be A Working Comic #11

Showcase Your Comedy Writing

You would think all comedians want to be on stage, but some would rather be comedy writers and stay behind the scenes. An email from one of our subscribers asked about writing for sitcoms and how to submit material. I have an experienced theory about this and make my point while visiting the Music City Showcase Capital – Nashville, Tennessee.

How To Be A Working Comic #10

Video & Audio Set-Up For Your Zoom Show

The topic in a recent video was about making your online performance a “show.” Zoom and YouTube webcasts are going to be around for a long time and you never know who might be watching – and scheduling future (paid) shows. But what is the basic (and affordable) video and audio equipment you should have to keep you from looking like you’re standing in a shadow with bad sound quality? Here are suggestions.

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