Acting Credits On A Comedy Resume?

Hi Dave – Last week you wrote about what credits can go on a comedy resume. I’m just getting into comedy and my resume is more for acting. Although acting is something I would love to do, comedy is my passion. I’m not sure how to make a comedy resume because I haven’t done anything worthwhile so far in comedy other than some shows I set up for my school and a few open mic nights. Can I take some of my acting credits and put it onto the comedic resume?” – C.

“To be or not to be (listed on a resume).”

Hey C. – Of course, talent bookers are looking for comedy credits. School shows and open-mics count (at the beginning) because it shows you have stage time and are getting experience. Once you start doing “real clubs” those credits can be taken off and never mentioned again – ha!

BUT – and I expect some debate about this – I also believe acting credits have a place on comedy resumes.

Basically, these credits show you have stage time and performing experience. These shouldn’t be at the top of your comedy resume, unless it’s all you have now, but can be listed following any comedy credits you might already have. Even after open-mics and school shows, which take preference over acting credits in a comedy resume.

An exception would be if you were starring or co-starring in a hit television show or movie.

In that case you won’t even need a resume. What the heck – you don’t even need much comedy experience. There are talent bookers who will schedule a celebrity knowing the club will be in for at least one big $$$ weekend – even if the celebrity is not funny. Audiences will pay at least once to see a celebrity. But after word hits the street, he’s not funny, a second time through the club circuit can be a difficult sell for the club owner.

Repeat audience is big business

Why? Because no repeat business and bad word of mouth is not good for business when you run a comedy club.

But since you’re already concerned with building a comedy resume at this early stage of the game, I’ll assume you’ll have stage experience and a funny act by the time your acting credits land you on the cover of People Magazine.

I’ve had comedians send me resumes that include credits from doing soap operas, local television, community theater, commercials, voiceovers, and school talent shows. With a lack of comedy performing credits, it shows they are still involved in showbiz and have at least been on stage in front of an audience.

You would be surprised at the number of submissions I used to receive for A&E’s An Evening at the Improv with NO real credits at all. I’m talking about nothing! There were videos filmed in someone’s living room with NO audience and the “comic” was sitting in a chair talking into a camera and…

Well, I think you get the picture, but I’ll repeat myself again. NO audience! That’s a great way to prove you have NO experience at all as a performer.

But they were still trying to get work as comedians.

I’m an active supporter in helping people achieve their goals, but I don’t know any comedy talent bookers that would hire someone for a paying gig without onstage (in front of an audience) experience. If all you have is a growing list of open mics, school shows, and acting credits – it’s a start.

And every talent booker knows you must start somewhere.

Listing your acting credits shows you have something going for you as far as showbiz experience. Based on resumes I’ve seen over the years from working comics, include them until you have enough real comedy credits to take their place.

There’s also more information about writing resumes and bios in my book How To Be A Working Comic: An Insider’s Business Guide To A Career In Stand-Up Comedy. I’m not trying to sell you a copy to make a big payday – I just wanted you to know. Your local library should have a copy or can find one for you.

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