Comedy Workshops

The Cleveland Improv March 25

Meets for 3 Saturdays (noon to 4 pm)
March, 25 April 1 and 8, 2017
Includes evening performance at The Improv
Wednesday, April 12
Space is limited to 10 people
1148 Main Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113
The West Bank of The Flats / Nautica
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The Chicago Improv Spring 2017

Dates TBA
Meets for 3 Saturdays (noon to 4 pm)
Includes evening performance at The Improv
Space limited to 10 people
Located at Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL 60173
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Payment refundable until Monday prior to start

Chicago Tribune

“Schwensen certainly knows the ins and outs of making it in comedy.”

Ohio Magazine

“To say Dave Schwensen knows the comedy business would be an understatement.”

Cleveland Workshop Spring 2017

* March 25, April 1 and 8, 2017
* Meets for three Saturdays from noon to 4 pm
* Includes evening performance at The Cleveland Improv
* Wednesday - April 12 at 7:30 pm
* Workshop is limited to 10 people - age 18+
* Price of workshop is $225 (plus $7 PayPal service fee)
* Use link below to hold space for Spring workshop
* Refundable up until Monday before start of the workshop

Chicago Workshop Spring 2017

* Dates TBA
* Workshops meet for 3 Saturdays from noon to 4 pm
* Includes evening performance at The Chicago Improv
* Workshop is limited to 10 people - age 18+
* Price of workshop is $225 (plus $7 service fee)
* Use link below for advance registration
* Refundable up until Monday before start of the workshop

Being a stand-up comedian…

Is a serious business, with a lot of laughs. Stand-up comedy has become a giant industry and a major source of talent for movies, television and radio. The entertainment world is constantly looking for new faces.

Becoming a successful comedian takes more than just talent and luck. It involves preparation, experience, a knowledge of the business and knowing what is expected of you. Today’s top comedians developed their humor without conforming to any trends or formulas. Talent and originality are the keys to success. However, there are established business methods within the industry that new comedians should be aware of. Developing, writing and performing a stand-up comedy act, and learning how the comedy industry works from an insider’s point of view is what this workshop is all about. It’s also a LOT of fun!

Cleveland Magazine

“Think you’re funny? If so, it may be time to take your talents onstage. However, honing your craft in front of a live audience doesn’t do much for either your self-esteem or drink sales. That’s where comedy veteran Dave Schwensen enters the picture…”

The Chronicle Telegram

“The nice thing about Dave is he doesn’t tell you, ‘If you want to be funny, do this.’ He looks at what you’re trying to do and then he helps you fine-tune it.”

As seen on television…

Dave’s workshops…

Are meant to be fun, supportive and informative about the comedy industry. As the former Talent Coordinator for the television show A&E’s An Evening At The Improv, The Improv Comedy Clubs in New York City and Hollywood, and manager of The Cleveland Improv, Dave shares an understanding of what to expect on both coasts and everywhere in between. Comedy coaching best describes what these types of workshops are all about, but the difference Dave offers is an insider’s knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes.

Any good workshop will send you out with five minutes of amateur night worthy material, but most leave you wondering where to go from there. Dave will tell you how to gain valuable learning experience on stage, along with enough information on where and how to get your comedy career started.

In addition to the aspiring comedians…

That have taken Dave’s workshops, there are many others who have different interests. Toastmasters, teachers and trainers want to add more humor to their presentations. Past workshop members include doctors, lawyers, psychologists, police officers, grandparents, students and others who are looking to add more humor into their lives. Its become a popular holiday and birthday gift (a fun unexpected surprise for some!) and for anyone interested in trying something different… well, we’ve been told it beats the heck out of a basket-weaving class! This workshop has also been used as a support base to conquer a popular bucket list goal of performing stand-up comedy – even if it’s only a one time thrill. It really is an unforgettable experience.

An evening at The Improv…

Dave works to bring out your individual and creative sense of humor and takes the time during each session to do it. That’s why these workshops are limited to no more than ten people. You already have a sense of humor (whether you know it or not) and Dave helps you explore your creativity and develop a comedy set that you’ll perform during a graduation night show on stage at The Improv. And in case you haven’t seen one of our shows – they’re also a LOT of fun!

The Sunday Register

“Listening to his insider stories is worth the price of admission. But the purpose of the name dropping isn’t to impress – it’s to illustrate how comedians make it in the business as well as demonstrate that anyone can do comedy with the right amount of luck, dedication and laughs.”

Dave Schwensen

“As anyone who’s read my books or taken one of my workshops knows, I don’t make this stuff up. It’s either been learned through experience dealing with the best in the business, or told to me by comics, agents, managers and talent bookers who are all working in the comedy industry.”

Comedy classes are not uncommon…

And quite a few clubs have their local favorites teaching. That’s another area where this workshop is different. Dave is known for supporting local comics, but as talent booker for the industry’s most influential comedy club in Los Angeles and New York, the television show A&E’s An Evening at the Improv, talent agent in the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), for corporate events and live performance venues, he also has experienced behind the scenes knowledge of the different entertainment markets and how the business works on a national level. If you want to remain a local comic, then choose to work with the best in your area. If you want to know what the comedy business is really like from an insider’s point of view, additional topics covered in this workshop include:

* Working with talent agents and managers

* Promotional material

* Making the most of open mics and other performance opportunities

* Working in comedy clubs

* Working in the college market

* Corporate and private events

* Cruise ships

Here’s what’s included…

* Three Saturday afternoon sessions from noon to 4 pm at The Improv Comedy Club.

* The Cleveland Improv - 1148 Main Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113 (The West Bank of The Flats / Nautica).

* The Chicago Improv - Woodfield Mall, 5 Woodfield Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173

* The Tampa Improv - 1600 E. 8th Ave C-112, Tampa, FL 33605 (Ybor City - Centro Ybor)

* Tips, techniques and top secret information on how professional comedians write comedy. Each workshop member will write an original five minute stand-up comedy routine. Whether you’re a beginner or already have experience doesn’t matter. The group is limited to 10 people and you are treated as an individual based on your experience.

* Performance coaching. It’s one thing to create and develop a comedy act and another to deliver it successfully (get laughs!) in front of an audience. Each workshop member will have in-class performance coaching on stage at The Improv during each session.

* Accepted and effective business methods used within the comedy industry. Included are examples on how to use your creativity to your advantage when developing promotional material, along with insider tips on how to contact talent agents, comedy club bookers, and use open-mic clubs to your advantage.

* In class discussions aimed at answering all your questions about the comedy industry.

* Insider stories about many of your favorite comedians and behind the scenes experiences.

* An Evening At The Improv. Each workshop member will perform an original stand-up comedy set at The Improv in front of a “real live audience.” Of course your family, friends, co-workers and anyone else can also be there to show support and share in the fun and laughter. An unforgettable experience!

Dave’s Schwensen’s comedy workshop…

Is limited to no more than ten people and advance registration is required.

Price is $225 with a $7 service fee.

Full payment is refundable up until the Monday before our first meeting.

After registration is received Dave will send you a confirmation email with more details.

Meets for three Saturdays from noon to 4 pm

Includes an evening performance at The Improv

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Cleveland March / April 2017

Saturdays March 25, April 1 & 8 (noon-4pm) Performance Wednesday, April 12 - 7:30pm Click Buy Now below to register. Payment is refundable until Monday prior to workshop.

Chicago Spring 2017

Click Buy Now below for advance registration. Dates TBA. Payment is refundable until Monday prior to workshop.

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