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At every stage of my career Iíve talked with aspiring and working comedians interested in different career options. Some who were just breaking into the business had day jobs or families and couldn't spend late nights in open-mic clubs trying out material in front of small and / or drunk audiences. And besides, what would be the immediate payoff? The way the comedy club business works, the next step would be hoping their sacrifice in family time, personal time and sleep might someday lead to the next step, which is work as an opening act (translation: the low paying spot) at a comedy club. 


Others were already professional and road-weary comedians tired of constant traveling and being away from home. Working the road was great when they were younger or single, but now they wanted a regular life instead of spending more nights every week in low budget hotels than they do at home. 


The career option they talked about most was working as a corporate comedian.



The job requirements are almost the same. You have to be funny and willing to travel. But you wouldn't be in this business if you didn't enjoy making audiences laugh. And you might enjoy the travel more when you control how many days you'll be away from home, the accommodations are a big step up from budget hotels (put it in your contract!), and instead of spending late nights in comedy clubs and sleeping until noon because you know there's another late show that night, you can take advantage of what different cities offer, such as sight seeing, museums, restaurants and shopping. 


You can do that when you're only hired to perform once at a corporate event. And you know what else? Your job is usually over before the late show even starts at a comedy club. Here's something else I've learned from personal experience as a corporate speaker, booking agent and interviewing working corporate comedians for my books. The corporate market pays more.




How To Be A Working Corporate Comedian 




I don't want to make this sound like a "typical" landing page. You know what I'm talking about - the ones you land on in a website that urge you to buy, buy and buy now! But most of you reading this probably know me from my books, workshops, private coaching, or corporate and college speaking gigs. I talk a lot about the corporate market and have given practical advice to comedians and speakers on how to get started and find work as a corporate performer. In fact, as a corporate and college agent I may have even hired someone you know.

It's a career option I'm excited about and if you've read this far, I know you are too. For all the reasons mentioned at the top of this page and working with (and talking business with) literally hundreds of aspiring and working comics, I've developed an eight week online coaching program that focuses solely on helping you break into the corporate entertainment market. 


Here are the eight weekly session titles. For a brief synopsis of each session click HERE.


  1.  Why you want to be a corporate comedian

  2.  Starting to write corporate comedy material

  3.  The best comedy writing advice ever

  4.  Turn too much material into workable material

  5.  The corporate comedy open-mic circuit

  6.  Promoting and networking

  7.  Corporate comedy business tools

  8.  Your career as a corporate comedian


Included in this program are two half-hour one on one coaching sessions by Skype or phone (your choice). I've also set up a private Facebook group page where all of us can network, ask questions, and share your progress toward working as a corporate comedian.

The company I've chosen to work with is called Jigsaw Box. They handle enrollment - and then turn you over to ME! Each session in this online course is made available to you every seven days for eight weeks. You'll have lessons (yeah - homework) that will allow me to keep track of your progress and chapters from my books that pertain to each session. We'll also correspond by email, and schedule your one on one sessions at two separate stages during the program. So don't think you'll be doing this alone - I'm with you.

And here's something else for you to consider - there's a seven day free trial period. You can check out the first session for a week with no obligation. If you want to continue - let's go for it. If not, you don't pay.

If you've worked with me before in a comedy workshop, corporate training seminar or private coaching, you already know I love what I do as a coach. If you haven't, you're about to find out. My idea of success is helping you be successful.

To launch this online program we've set the price at $200 - which is less than taking one of my three week comedy workshops. If you don't have a calculator handy, that's $25 a week. But like my workshops, enrollment at this price is limited to only 10 people. There's no deadline and since it's online you can start and work on each session any time that's convenient for you.

Okay, I'm done talking (actually, tired of writing!) and ready to get to work. If you're ready to join me, click on the banner below and it will take to to the sign-up page through Jigsaw Box. Payment is through PayPal. If you have any questions, there's an email link at the bottom of this page. Once registration is complete you'll hear from me. I look forward to working with you. Until then...


Keep Laughing!

Dave Schwensen


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