"I can't say enough about the comedy workshop that Dave Schwensen puts together at The  Improv. I myself have always dreamed of making people laugh and performing in front of crowds, but could never find the right 'jumping off point.' That is exactly what this workshop offers. Dave and his vast experiences in 'the biz' covers everything from writing comedy, to stage presence, to getting noticed in a difficult industry, all while keeping a supportive and fun environment. Whether you are just looking to explore something new, or serious about getting started in the business of entertainment, Dave's comedy workshop is an invaluable experience that shouldn't be passed up." - Cody Cooper, Sales




"I just want to say that I've rounded my one year anniversary of performing comedy and I wanted to thank you again. If it wasn't for your workshop, I really don't think I would have had the guts or the wherewithal to know where / how to start. Doing stand-up has definitely been one of the best things I've ever tried so thank you for giving me (and really, most Cleveland comedians) a place to start. Congratulations on another workshop graduation! I'm sure they'll do great!" - Kali Fencl, comedian & writer




"I love seeing 'sold-out' on your classes. You do such a great job - I loved the class I took. And it has helped me so much in my speaking opportunities at Whole Foods, which is actually a cool extra  of your class. Besides doing stand-up, it helps anyone who does any kind of speaking in their jobs. Humor is EVERYTHING.  I always keep'em laughing - which keeps'em interested. Thanks for everything Dave! - Ellen Darby, Healthy Eating Specialist with Whole Foods




"I just want to thank you again for everything. I am still coming off the excitement from last night's show at The Improv! I seriously could not pay attention at work today, instead I just started writing new material. This has been a truly awesome experience and I can't thank you enough for setting this up and coaching us all the way." - Kevin Hill, Mechanical Engineer




"Dave... without this class I would've been sitting on my couch and saying "what if?" So thanks for giving me and others the outlet to step into the limelight. No BS... it has been a great experience. Thanks." - Steve Nelson, Sales




"I feel like a friggin' star! You built up my confidence and helped me hone my skills and polish my act. You rock! I love you!" - Sharon Lomurno




"Thank you so much! Your workshop was awesome. You truly have a wealth of information and experience. We were talking about how cool it is that you're in Cleveland and we have access to a coach of your caliber. All in all I had so much fun and I thought everyone did great!" - Will Kesling, Owner / Art Director for Pixel Thought Foundry




"Just want to express my appreciation to you for your fine workshop. It was a blast and I've already recommended it to two friends. Good luck in the future and thanks for allowing me the opportunity to add a line item to my bucket list. You, keep laughing!" - Mark Presser




"What a great time we had! Best birthday gift in a long time." - Jeff Weaver




"I just want to say thank you so very much for the wonderful opportunity our (13-year old) son had at the workshop. I was so proud of all the other rising stars as well. He really enjoyed himself. To be very honest I was leery of leaving my son alone with a bunch of adult strangers. It was obvious you took him under your wing and kept him safe. We are grateful for your professionalism Dave. We knew how much comedy means to him and boy did it boost his ego!!! To get up in front of all those people at that age - I know I would have had a meltdown!! Thank you once again, you are truly a class act." - Best Regards, The Kniola Family




"Thanks for the great night. My heart was beating so fast right before I went up there I was afraid I was gonna run out of heartbeats. Once I got the first laugh it was all downhill! It was a great experience and I'm glad I did it." - JD, (Dr.) Robotic Heart Surgeon




"The journey has been amazing! Watching everyone in the class including myself transform so fast in just three short weeks is astounding." - Rob Telecky, University Hospitals Project Coordinator, Construction Services




"Dave, I can't thank you enough. I have learned so much this past month, it's mind blowing. You are a great coach and I appreciate everything you taught us. You really gave me that push I needed to get on stage and I am forever grateful!" - Michael Maffit, The Nick Cantanese Comedy Workshop Scholarship Winner - January 2013




"Just wanted to send along a little note to say thanks for your instruction and guidance during our classes. Also for putting together a great show on Wednesday night. My entire family was there and they had such a good time. That was the realization of a dream that I have had since I would watch An Evening At The Improv all those years ago. Crazy how that worked out with your involvement in both. So, thanks so much. I'm off to do some more writing and find a stage to work it out on." - Josh Booth, Director / Editor / Motion Graphics Artist (received workshop as a surprise Christmas present!)




"Thank you for your guidance in taking a bunch of amateurs and putting us in a position to succeed. I had an unbelievable experience." - Joe Ross, Sales


















"Thank you so much! That showcase was HUGE and quite the rush. Thank you for the guidance and the opportunity to make a dream come true." - Mark Majercik, Nurse




"This whole process was a dream come true. I loved every minute." - Matt Brown, Analyst at Progressive




"Thank you again for the workshop, Dave! Bob S. and I (both students of yours), took first and second place in a comedy contest last night!" - Joanna Butler




"Thanks so much. Your ability to help students hone in on what's most important and most effective is amazing!" - Neal Szpatura, Writer, Tarot Reader & Shamanic Practice




"Thank you very much for everything that you have done for us. It was very helpful." - Lance Willard, Wastewater Superintendent




"I really needed this as a kick in the pants to get started. Now I have no excuses." - Jennifer Griffin, Personal Assistant & Promo Person




"Thank you for your lessons in the business of comedy.  Here we are less than a year later and I'm well on my way, doing what I set out to do: making money as a comedian." - Dawn Holley, Comedian




"Dave: Just a short note to say thank you for all your efforts in putting together a great show Monday night. Penny and I had a wonderful time seeing all the comedians perform. The band of characters really came through. We were especially proud that our son, Dan came out of his shell and got up and did his thing. I hope with a little encouragement he will continue to perform. Please keep up the good work that you do." -  With kind regards, Jim Levine 




I have been telling everyone how great your workshop is. Honestly, when I think of how far we all came in three weeks, it's pretty amazing. You were great! I loved your stories, suggestions, etc. You have quite a wealth of experience that you shared with us. I never felt that you were name-dropping or out to just impress us. You were telling us what you have seen in order to help us. And given (our show) last night, it certainly did! It's a fabulous workshop and a fabulous price and a fabulous experience." - Linda Clark, Administrative Assistant




"I was really amazed at how much I improved over the three weeks. I've been a writer for 20 years and this workshop was exactly what I needed to get me away from the computer and onto the stage - Vanessa Winans, Writer




"Extremely helpful. You made me feel comfortable. Your teaching and constructive criticism are just what I needed. Don't be surprised if I take it again and again." - Donald Baughs




Worth the 4 hour drive from Rochester." - Kevin Berry, Corrections Officer




"Thanks for the great class. The performance was a gas and my friends had a good time. It is amazing how far everyone progressed in such a short time. Says something for the quality of the instruction and coaching." - Doug Johnson, Computer Professional




"Dave, This is such a valuable tool. The workshop is motivating and inspiring. Thank you so much for all the big and little things you do to support us!"  - Roxane Larimore, Restaurant Manager




The combination of guidance and self-monitoring was perfect. I think even professional comedians would learn a lot more about the craft.  - Jack Arnal, Student

















"This was a great workshop. I recommend it to anyone interested in performing or whatever your career is. It's fun and you learn a lot."  - Joseph O'Brien, Advertising Writer / Editor and Entertainment Columnist




"The workshop was an excellent tool in developing my own unique comedy style."  - Rob O'Reilly, Graduate of Boston University and Working Comedian




"Dave, the class was great - but your motivation was the true key." - Jim Broniec, Network Engineer




"Hey Dave, I just wanted to thank you for the workshop and the opportunity to perform. It was exactly the environment I needed to develop a set and to explore the interesting world of stand-up comedy. Performing was really exciting, and I feel great about it. My friends had a blast. Thanks for doing what you do." - Jane W., Counselor 




"Learned the difference between writing funny and talking funny." - Rodney Bengston, Editor Sun Newspapers




"It was better than 'Cats.' I would take it again and again." - Tom Wilson, High School English Teacher




"I loved it. Thanks a bunch. I just got off the stage and I'm pumped!" - Pete Stancato, student




"Wow! What a blast! I couldn't believe how everyone kicked ass when the time came. I had a great time in this class and I definitely plan to do more stuff. Thanks so much Dave! - Mike Baker, Computer Website Design and founder of ClevelandYucks.com




"I don't know how anyone could break into comedy without a workshop like this. You do stellar work Dave.  Your class changed my life, as corny as that sounds. I've met so many cool people and done so many good shows." - Joe Howard, Comedian




"It was great for building confidence." - Joan Sobel, Motivational Speaker




"I took this class without any clear goals, but now I know what I'm going to do. I feel like I learned about 20 nights worth of open-mic bombing." - Teline, Graduate Student




"Your suggestions and guidance throughout the workshop are alone worth it. Adding your business knowledge as well as your personal experiences to the workshop goes above and beyond the rates for the course. I almost feel guilty for not paying more!" - Sharon Wilson, Biologist




"Last night was a realization of a 40-year old dream, to do comedy in front of an audience. I honestly have never had a better night's sleep. I don't know where this may take me, but I had a blast. Again, thanks for your input and encouragement at the classes. Everybody raved about the show." - DeeZee, Hitachi Med Corp




"I thought the workshop was great! (And I don't mince words). I was amazed at how well everyone did at the show last night. The fact that everyone was so relaxed and confident on stage was a credit to you and your workshop. The workshop was worth every penny and what we learned will go on to last a lifetime. Thanks Dave for the opportunity." - Dallas LaRue, Musician




"Where else can someone get such in depth, concise, professional experience in a such a short amount of time." - Steven Reilly, Engineering Manager

















This workshop was excellent. The whole reason I picked this workshop is because of the extensive experience that Dave has. It has been an enjoyable walk through for stand-up comedy." - Chris Mundorf, Bartender




"I just gotta say thanks so much for such a wonderful workshop. Without your book and the workshop, I would still be contemplating a career in comedy and not actually starting one." - Ryan Karp, Waiter




"Thanks for another round of the comedy workshop! The show was awesome! Everyone did great and the audience was perfect." - Mikki Weiner




"It make more sense to me to go to the workshop to learn something, rather than spending the same money and time driving around to amateur nights - and not learning anything." - George Jackson




"Just a quick note to say that you rock with this workshop! Thank you so much for making this available." - Bryan Lee Emler, Comedian




"Dave, I think the workshop is awesome! I sent JR's my tape and 45 minutes ago they called me because somebody cancelled. I'm doing 5 paid shows next week. I'm wetting my pants right now. Thanks for all the help." - Pat Alex




"I will take the workshop again! Thank you for putting this together." - Ari Katanick, Upper Management




"Your diverse info and knowledge astounds me. I have full belief in your word and never left a class without learning something." - Unsigned, (but worth including!)




"I'm enclosing my deposit for the next workshop. This last one was worth every penny!" - Anita Lauer, Building & Development Services Specialist




"Thank you so much for your insight. I really enjoyed your workshop - it was most helpful. Thanks Again." - Felicia Hill, Manager of Crisis Intervention




"This comedy thing just gets better and better... Once again, thanks for pointing me in the right direction." - YuShan Shakir, (Mr. Shan), Comedian




"I have always wanted to take this workshop since I read Dave's book. His input is very down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, and he is very positive!" - Amy Annico, (I serve coffee at Starbucks sometimes)




"Thanks so much for all of your help. The class was awesome, and really helped me not only develop that set to the point that is now, (which I know still isn't finished), but also to feel very comfortable on the stage." - Jim D'Amico, Staffing Manager




"The workshop was sweet. Definitely worth every penny." - Brian Paoloni, (I sell ice cream at Dairy Queen)

















Thanks again for the class. Last night was an experience I will NEVER forget" - Eric Malkin




"I thought it was really fun - even though I was scared out of my mind to get up there on stage!" - Cynthia Mikula, Dentist




"As someone who always had the desire, but lacked the direction needed to perform, your workshop was the perfect transition from the living room with friends to the stage with fans. You will see me again at the workshop and hopefully back on stage!" - Bob Gearhart, Lake Erie Monsters / Quicken Loans Arena




I took (someone else's) class last year and comparing the two workshops available in Cleveland, yours is the better of the two. I'm not meaning to put (him) down, but he'd try to write jokes for me. None of them worked. In fact, I ended up just writing a bit I'd been thinking about. He didn't put us on stage until the third workshop, in the corner of the meeting room of a hotel to get ready. As opposed to yours, which we were on stage getting a feel for from day one. And you gave feedback on style and concept. Your feedback made me take a step back and really look at my act as a whole, instead of just trying to add jokes. Honest feedback always helps and it is appreciated. - Preston Albert, Comedian




"Dave - Here's an update on how I'm doing in Los Angeles. I just got a manager at Brillstein-Grey, so that is excellent. He saw me at an audition at ABC's "Kimmel" showcase at The Improv on Melrose. This Sunday night I'm going to be making a tape at The Improv with some impressions and stand-up, because they want to submit me for "Saturday Night Live." I'm getting to go up in other shows at The Improv too, which is very cool...

  Thanks again for having your workshops and giving people who've taken it a better understanding as to what all goes into stand-up from all aspects. I still find myself referring to your book and I've even let people borrow it, (I know, I know - they should go out and buy a copy!). It always gets rave reviews." - Eric Moneypenny




Hi Dave - Please catch me on "ER" tonight at 10 p.m. on NBC. I have a couple of lines as 'Jay Jay.' I want to thank you for your stand-up class. It has helped me in my acting career out here - I am now a resident of Los Angeles. - Jimmy Walker Jr.




Dave - The workshops keep me focused and moving forward in an environment I can't find else where. Your comments and emails are much needed encouragement that is helping me get this thing off the ground and any input only helps me to continue the creative process. In addition, I keep meeting people I want to know through your workshops and it all adds up to a positive for me. Thanks again for all the encouragement and subtle direction. I owe you a debt of gratitude. - Tom Eschelman




Dave - I can not tell you how honored I am to say that I took your workshop. I am sure I will be back! You rock!!! Thank you for helping me to grow and believe in my dreams! - Roxane Larimore.




Hey Dave - I just wanted to let'ya know, I feel great. And your workshop started it all for me. I am a working comic like the people I used to see in clubs as a kid. I am now one of them because of you and your insight into the business of laughter. Thanks! - "Big" Jim Givens




 "I was at Yuk Yuks on Sunday night and I am not bragging, but I owned the house. The other comics, many of whom were new, asked me about where I had taken my workshops and who held them. I mentioned your name. I was given high praises for the professional way I am on stage - thank you for that. Hope my conversation will fill your next workshop. This comedy thing is soooooo coooooool!!"  - Sue Bump 




"I MC'd all weekend at the Comedy Den in Grand Rapids. It was a great experience and I had a lot of fun. They even paid for a hotel room - I felt like a professional. How about that - from your workshop to paying gigs and a paid hotel room in a few short months! Thanks for everything! - Don Petersen




Dave - Just wanted to let you know what was happening with me. I've got a showcase at The Boston Comedy Club in New York and my first feature gig at The Comedy Factory in Baltimore. I've got 3 MC jobs over the next 2 months also. I can't tell you how much the stuff I learned in your workshop keeps coming back to me every time I work. Thanks for a great foundation. - Kirk Bogos




"Best spent $200 of my life." - Jeff Scott, "work at a bank"




"Just truly enjoyed Dave's non-judgmental approach - but at the same time his great ability to guide. Your class - and continuing emails, make for an extraordinary good bargain. I promote your class to many people." - Mary Hagan, Clerk of Council