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"FOUR STARS (Highest Rating). This is the bible for everyone and anyone who ever wanted to know just what it takes to be a successful stand-up comic. (It takes more than just being funny, that's for darn sure!) Author Dave Schwensen covers it all: This book could have easily been titled 'Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Stand-Up Comedy, But Didn't Know Who To Ask." - Todd Schwartz, CBS Television



"No one has written a more comprehensive and interesting and illuminating book on the subject of stand-up comedy than our Dave Schwensen." - Budd Friedman, Founder of Improv Comedy Clubs, Executive Producer of A&E's An Evening At The Improv and The American Comedy Awards


Allworth Press, NYC



"Dave's book speaks from the heart. He's been there, he's done that. And now he's giving the information for others who want to become one. This book is definitely worthwhile to read and to follow." - Roger Paul, Owner of RPM Management, NYC



"Dave truly understands the reality of today's stand-up business. This should be required reading for anyone considering a career in comedy." - Kurtis Matthews, Owner, San Francisco Comedy College



"One look at this table of contents and you'll know you've hit the comedy information jackpot. Dave Schwensen's background in the comedy industry and knack for networking have given him an amazing address book full of top comedy and industry contacts, all willing to share their must-read experiences and observations. You'll consult this book again and again, I know I will." - Amelia David, comedy columnist, "Laughing Matters," Back Stage Newspaper, NYC & LA



"When it comes to comedy, Dave Schwensen has the answers. And now he's put them into a book: 'Comedy FAQ's And Answers.' ... 57 of those questions get answered in the book with help from headliners such as George Carlin, Richard Jeni and Bobby Collins. Booking agents, club owners and public relations reps also get a chance to weigh in ." - Sun Newspapers



"Stop us if you've heard this one... a guy walks into a bar and assumes his ability to make his family roll with laughter means he's a stand-up comedy natural. Dave Schwensen, who served as a talent coordinator for Improv clubs in New York and Los Angeles, knows better. His previous book, How To Be A Working Comic, introduced would-be funny men and women to the trade. His newest book, Comedy FAQs And Answers: How The Stand-Up Biz Really Works, (Allworth Press, $19.95), goes beyond the laughs with real-world advice on how to turn funny into money. Schwensen, known around the country for his comedy workshops, mines his industry connections - sprinkling advice from Ray Romano, George Carlin and many other successful comics throughout the book - and covers everything from doing your own publicity to getting on television to writing for other comics." - Cleveland Magazine



Book Review from The Serious Comedy Site:

"Unless you already have your own sitcom, HBO special or have been featured extensively on the Comedy Network, buy this book. Buy 'Comedy FAQ's And Answers' and keep it on your nightstand. If you are on the road, bring it with you and read a chapter and verse every day, for this is the absolute biblical truth about the comedy business from a guy who knows what he is writing about, Dave Schwensen, (who was a talent coordinator for 'A&E's An Evening At The Improv' and for comedy clubs in Los Angeles and New York), and from a whole other bunch of stand-up comics who also get their short set in like George Carlin, Richard Jeni, Dave Attell, Lewis Black, Eddie Brill, Ellen Cleghorne, Bobby Collins, Mark Curry, Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy, Maryellen Hooper, Wendy Liebman, Kathleen Madigan, Ray Romano, and chances are there's a few missing from this exhaustive list of who's who in comedy. 


"For about the price of a comic's DVD, you are going to learn more about the business of making people laugh than you ever will from talking with people who say they know something, but want you to pony up some major cash for the privilege. Seriously, how much do you think Carlin would charge for a consult? Well, here you get some of his advice, and in-depth at that for free. 


"This book is perhaps geared towards the young up and coming talent of the future, but there is something any seasoned veteran can probably learn from the fifty-seven frequently asked questions about stand-up comedy and the easy to understand, relevant, fun to read, and knowledgeable answers found in this book. Even if you are not an aspiring talent but just a fan of stand-up, this is a highly enjoyable book as it gives you a very interesting and fascinating take on the behind the stage stuff. 


"Some of the questions Dave Schwensen answers are related to open-mike night, what to do on stage, what happens off stage and backstage, as these are the four sections of this book. It is an easy question and answer format based on the writer's experience in the comedy club business and as a leader of workshops. Interestingly, a lot of this guy's advice on comedy is the kind of good, common sense suggestions you would get at a writer's workshop in college or university. The contributions of all the celeb's listed above only prove he knows what he is talking about, but also gives you a little different take on some of his answers."



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